Die Grinder / Angle Die Grinder

ZP314 3 inch Air Extension Die Grinder

ZP314 3 inch Air Extension Die Grinder Extension Die Grinder is designed for high speed grinding and polishing in hardto-reach areas. Features an extended reach of 3″. By using 1/4″(6mm) or 1/8″(3mm) grinding accessories, the grinder can be used in a wide range of grinding and polishing applications.

Hand Held Scaling Hammers

ZKJ271 Triple Headed Scaling Hammer

ZKJ271 Triple Headed Scaling Hammer Features & Benefits Lightweight, easy to handle. Detachable taper fit cutter head reduces cost of replacement and extends piston life. Bush hammer tungsten carbide tipped pistons. Alternative cruciform tungsten carbide tipped pistons. Removal of rust, coatings, scale from steel structures and surface. Cleaning of cast iron, steel pipe and bell joints of gas lines maintained by [...]

Torque Control Air Screwdriver

ZB52CCQ Air Screwdriver(Pistol Type)

ZB52CCQ Air Screwdriver(Pistol Type)

SN062 pulse Screwdriver(In Line Type)

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZP337-6 Non-Vacuum 2-Hand Gear-Driven Sanders

ZP337-6 Non-Vacuum 2-Hand Gear-Driven Sanders The strength and power of this sander lets you remove heavy material and body filler on large, flat surfaces leaving a swirl-free finish. A long life, vibration-free performance

Large Diameter Lock Bolt Installation Tool

ZV30 Standard Installation Tool

ZV30 Standard Installation Tool Features ZIPP offers a range of standard fastener tools as well as high performance ZIPP hydraulic powerigs to complement the larger diameter fixed grip lock bolt fasteners is suitable for numerous assembly applications for multiple industries. ZIPP installation equipment / tooling systems work with the fastener to pull and clamp the application together quickly and safely. A typical installation [...]

Angle Drill / Eraser

ZAD-376 3/8 inch Air Drill

ZAD-376 3/8 inch Air Drill In-Line Drill is designed for low speed/high torque applications, such as drilling, sanding, and polishing. Keyless chuck comes with both ZAD-356 and ZAD-376.

Air Tapping Tools

ZAT22AKH Air Tapping Tool

ZAT22AKH Air Tapping Tool

Concrete Breakers

ZKJ41S Concrete Breaker

ZKJ41S Concrete Breaker Features & Benefits Simple structure for less maintenance. Powerful hitting power and low reacting. Use for destroy the concretes, asphalt path, building and infrastructure. Medium size service/general demolition breaker. Long stroke cylinder provides maximum impact energy, giving a harder impact than similarly sized standard breakers. The best choice for applications in medium hard materials and where you need lower weight [...]

ZTG-1211N Storm Cleaning Gun – Plastic tube Features Patented water atomization mechanism. Patented 2 in 1 cap for use with regulator bottle or PET bottles. Easiest and fastest wet or dry cleaning tool for automotive interiors,engine bay, carpets, floor mats, etc.

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZP350 Self-Generated Vacuum 2-Hand Random Orbital Sanders

ZP350 Self-Generated Vacuum 2-Hand Random Orbital Sanders Large orbit for removing heavy material with swirl-free finish. Durable lightweight composite housing design.

ZP168 1/4 inch Air Ratchet Wrench

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